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Virgin Media has accepted "It's Not Over" in their campaign to place music in 4 different television series. Out of 3000+ songs submitted weekly only .4% are considered. That puts LiQuiD in that top .4%!

LiQuiD Welcomes You

Spilling out of Atlanta and into cities and minds across the world is an all new power pop/rock band. The name is LiQuiD. The mission, to take you on a ride. All the elements of this band are torqued and tuned to precise specifications to perform at the highest level in every category. The songs, the vocals, the guitars, the sounds, the rhythms, the performance; all are parts that blend freely to create a complete musical wave.

Here's what they said!!

"Turn it up! All the way UP... It's a captivating show they put on live and this album is crazy good listening!"


"Absolutely LOVING this album, especially "Let Me Fly" But truthfully, it's really hard to pick a favorite...the whole album is great. So, just do yourself a big favor- download the whole thing, sit back and enjoy every minute of it! You won't be disappointed!!"


"Great music. Great band. I dance naked to it!"


"These guys rock! Outstanding musicianship, powerhouse songwriting, and the god, the vocals! I wonder if the singer will marry me..."


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