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Local Band signs with L.A. management

by Sarah Anne Voyles
July 17, 2013 03:14 PM

With a little rock and roll mixed with pop and dub step, the band LiQuiD's sound flows through the halls of Vision Studios.

The DeKalb-based group came together through an ad placed on craigslist. Band founder and guitarist Denis Rand placed the ad after years of working to find the perfect band chemistry.

"Every good band that has ever been has had a great chemistry," Rand said. "You have to go through a process of finding that right mix. Craigslist is just where you go to find those elements."

Rand found the chemistry with three other members – bass guitarist Levi White, drummer Luis Madrid and vocalist Chase Breedlove. White said he looked into the ad because he wanted to do something else besides the music he was playing.

Rand said each member has a level of respect and sense of responsibility, and there was a little trial and error for a bit before the perfect chemistry was found. In the end, Rand said everyone in the band has the same common goal to achieve the status of several of the greats.

"Every genre has it greats who define the sound," Rand said. "When it is good, it's good and you want to be able to create something like that. Plus everyone has a great sense of humor."

The band started to look into opportunities to drift from the local coffeehouse spotlight to more of a national to global scale. They signed a contract with The Music Umbrella, an entertainment management company that works with bands like The Who and AC/DC. LiQuiD is also working on partnering with World Peace One, a grassroots effort to bring global peace.

"Even through we are not globally known World Peace One is really interested in our music," Rand said.

Each member found their desire to play music in different ways. Breedlove said he began singing because he wanted to sound like Tina Turner.

"I wanted to sound like Tina Turner," Breedlove said. "It was a little disappointing when I learned that was not going to be possible."

Madrid said he was 16 working in a music store when he listened to the music they sold and wanted to learn how to play drums. Rand grew up in an apartment and said the guitar was a little easier to haul around than a piano. White started play the bass and guitar at age 14 because he liked the music of Les Claypool, Jimmy Hendricks and Pink Floyd.

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